Schizo (1977) from Tuna

While it does have brief scenes of explicit gore, it is really more of a thriller than horror. Lynne Frederick, star ice skater, is to be married. Due to her celebrity, it is front page news, and one person, the one convicted of murdering her mother, sets of to London to find her after reading the news. She is sure he is out to kill her, and, indeed, people start being murdered. I found it a better than average thriller that was far better than the EuroTrash I was expecting. I didn't see the ending coming until 90 minutes into the film, and was still a little surprised at the ending.  


Lynne Frederick shows breasts and buns in a lengthy shower scene, with great mirror placement such that some of the naughty bits are visible all the time, parades around in a rather sheer set of bra and panties, and shows bush and breasts getting into bed. Wendy Gilmore, as her mother in flashbacks, shows all three Bs.

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Schizo (1977) has been released in the EuroShock collection by Image Entertainment.  

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Based on this description, as horror, I would have to give it poor marks, but as a thriller, it is C+.

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