Schulmädchen-Report 2: Was Eltern den Schlaf raubt


by Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Schoolgirl Report Volume #2: What Keeps Parents Awake At Night is the second of countless sequels to a hugely popular mockumentary about sex among girls in the 15 to 18 year old range. This one is supposedly based on letters received after the first one was released, with the filmmakers having picked the best nine for retelling. In between tales, an interviewer solicits expert opinions and asks girls on the street some questions more or less related to the story, which adds "redeeming social merit" (required by the then-prevailing legal definition of "obscenity"). The salient points of these dialogues always seem to be the same:  that sexual exploration is a natural part of growing up, that the laws about sex and minors are outdated, and that the adults cause the real problems.

In the first story, three schoolgirls seduce a handsome teacher, and then try to blackmail him into more sex with photos. He takes his own life. In this and most of the other stories, the innocent schoolgirls are the aggressors, but with one exception in which a girl is drugged, then raped and abandoned.

Some others:

  • A girl has been bragging about her adventures with the opposite sex to her classmates. They arrange for her to spend the night with a stud, who turns out to be almost as inexperienced as she is.
  • A young couple goes to the woods to have sex for the first time. He is nervous and can't perform, and she leaves with another guy and his car and clothes.
  • A girl seduces a tenant living in her home, and her parents try to get him jailed.
  • Two girls pose naked for money to buy wigs.
  • My favorite of the bunch had no nudity. A High School girl gets pregnant. Her parents are naturally not thrilled, but aren't nearly as abusive as other parents in the film. Cut to after the baby is born. The proud grandparents are gathered with mom around the crib, and the father comes in. The two don't know about marriage yet, but he has done the right thing and registered the baby as being in their family and admitted paternity. In the process, he discovers that the baby's mother was born a year before her parents got married. This was the example of the difference understanding parents can make.


I remember this series fondly from adult night at the drive-in, where my wife and I would often catch a double feature. This version looks cleaner than what we saw then, and the new optional subtitles are far better. Even without the nostalgia value, it is an interesting time capsule since this series spawned many others in similar formats, with housewives, nurses, etc. Of course, the film also has a lot of attractive naked women.


* widescreen (European 1.66) anamorphic

* newly translated  English subtitles






No major reviews online.


2.6 IMDB summary (of 10)


Unknown, but it was considered a theatrical hit in West Germany.



  • Karin Götz, Astrid Kilian and a host of unknowns show everything.

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Textbook C-. The film is of interest to people who are interested in this niche and/or this era, but would seem quaint and boring to anyone else, except as MST3000 fodder.