A Scream in the Streets (1973) from Tuna

This is a Harry Novak film with a crime/cops theme, featuring Sharon Kelly, and several other porn actresses that I could not identify. Think Adam 12 meets Skinemax.  

Two plain clothes detectives, recently partnered, are on the trail of a serial killer who prays on beautiful young women. Along the way, they stop a spanking freak  from abusing a massage girl, chase a peeping tom, and arrest an armed robber, only to have him released the next morning on bail. Most of the mail characters have sex with a well endowed woman, and two women in the "bored housewives club" do each other as the peeper watches.


  medium-core porn. see commentary

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Tons of nudity from everyone, including Sharon Kelly, who plays the police dispatcher, and has a long sex scene with a patrolman. Like Novak's other work, there is plenty of full-frontal, both male and female, and the sex scenes maintain heat and do not become boring or repetitive. I do miss the humor of some of his themes, such as dumb hillbilly, but the sex and exposure is up to his usual standards.

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