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The Secret Cellar (2003) is a direct to video that IMDB has very sketchy information on. They list only two cast members and link to no reviews, although there are two user comments. The first user comment is from the film's director, John Quinn, who says, "I only had nine days to direct this film but I'm very pleased by the way it turned out. I had a terrific cast that played off of each other extremely well, plus a great crew and a really tight script. It's hard to balance eroticism and horror but I feel I was able to do a pretty good job with this one. Thanks to all who were involved and a special thanks to Kelley Cauthen and Michael Goi."


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I would agree that he did a good job. This is a very low budget soft core horror film, and it is too dark but those are the only negative comments you will hear from me on this film. We have four women in this film (Christina Baby, Ananda Saint James, Kennedy Johnston and Cecelia Simon), and they all have several things in common. They are all naked constantly, they all show everything including gyno-cam shots, none of them have any previous credits at IMDB, none of them appear to be surgically enhanced, and all of them deliver lines convincingly.

The story concerns a woman (Kennedy Johnston) who has inherited a haunted house from her aunt, her boyfriend, another couple (Cecelia Simon and her boyfriend), and another guy, all of whom have come to the house to fix it up to sell. Johnston's boyfriend has promised everyone a party. At this point, I smelled predictability, and was mistaken. Yes, the ghosts do create the horror, and not everyone survives, but people don't die immediately after having sex, no woman screams, trips, then dies, and it takes a while before we realize who is real, who is good and bad, etc. Ananda Saint James and Christina Baby both play sexy ghosts.

It is the rare soft-core that is serious at all about plot, and most of them have way to much footage of boring simulated sex, complete with fancy fades and weird lighting. In this case, though the sex scenes occupied most of the 96 minute running time, they never became boring. There was enough character development among the main characters that I became involved with their struggle. I applaud director Quinn for making what is in my top ten list of soft-core films.

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This is a C+: one hell of a genre effort, especially given the time and budget constraints. The physical locations were good, the plot was better than many soft-core efforts, all of the players could deliver lines, the special effects were not terrible and the sex scenes sizzled. For God sake, somebody give this man a real budget and realistic schedule, and let's see what he can do with it.

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