The Secret Sex Lives of Romeo and Juliet (1968) from Tuna

This loose adaptation of Shakespeare's work is another costumer from exploitation magnate Harry Novak.  Juliet is far from a blushing virgin, and wants to get together with that hot stud Romeo, but their parents are feuding. Everyone has sex with everyone.

Novak's formula includes naked redheads and a Laugh-in approach, with lines like "beautiful downtown Verona", "sock it to me", and "here come da prince".


Full nudity from:
  • Diedre Nelson, who plays Juliet
  • Karen Thomas, Antoinette Maynard and Dorthea Cristie,  as maids
  • Mickey Jines, who plays Lady Capulet.
  • Various others

DVD info from Amazon.

  • The Notorious Cleopatra is also on the DVD

  • The transfer is beautiful, this time with a Widescreen transfer, and a feature length commentary from a whole crowd, including Novak.

The film was a pure delight in the drive-ins when it was released, and is still seeing distribution to this day. Asked if he would make a sequel, Novak said it would be too expensive to do nowadays. The film was made in three to four weeks in a one room studio. Each wall was turned into a different setup. The total budget was about $200K, and Novak claimed that it grossed millions.

The film included some interesting cast members, including cult director William Rotsler, and director Bethel G. Buckalew (who is actually named John Cole), as well as Jay Fineberg and Jimmy Johnson, who owned and managed the Pussycat Theaters.  

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  • with their dollars: made for $200,000, it grossed millions (reportedly)
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Based on this description, this film is a C+. It is a late 60's skin flick, suitable as a date film, and is well photographed, well acted, and full of good looking women and hot sex scenes.

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