Severely Rape


by Tuna

The title is basically an example of Engrish. Grammatically, the title should be "Severely Raped," but even that is completely misleading since Gik dou keung gaan includes neither rape nor severity. It means "raped" in the sense of "coerced" or "manipulated," and the proper title should be something like "Thoroughly Scammed." It's a Hong Kong Category 3 (softcore) comedy which might be described as kind of a Chinese take on being a 40-year-old virgin.

Elvis Tsui, king of the Category 3 films, plays a middle-aged virgin who owns an interior design shop in Hong Kong. His younger friend has frequent fun with a mainland girl whenever he can get away from his wife. The younger man introduces Elvis to a friend of his own girl, never realizing that both women are married hookers who are out to bilk the two men out of every cent they have. Elvis's friend spots his girl with another man, and picks up yet another woman. The third woman, it turns out, is in on the whole scam.

Unfortunately, some of the subtitles are direct, literal translations, and some knowledge of Chinese languages and culture will aid in understanding what is going on, especially since some of the humor derives from a language barrier between Mandarin and Cantonese, and that is not easy to capture in English subtitles. That notwithstanding, the film is worthwhile. Elvis gives a nuanced, thoughtful performance, and comes off as a very sympathetic character. The women are attractive, the acting is good, and the story is interesting.


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Good example of a Hong Kong Category Three film


  • Wada Yuko got naked.

  • So did Gung Ga-Ling, so she's got that goin' for her.


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