Sex and the Teenage Mind (2002) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

This is a "coming of age" story which is lodged in the same general vein as the American Pie stories (it even uses the fantasy cop/stripper - a year earlier than American Wedding!), but far from the motherlode.

A high school geek thinks he'll never get laid, until he manages a remarkable coup that changes his life. He pulls off a chivalrous sacrifice to save the hottest girl in school from failing her senior history exam. She is really grateful, and really wants to pay him back, but there are obstacles. First of all, he's not the kind of guy who really knows how to go about seduction. Worst of all, the high school quarterback and resident bully thinks that the beautiful girl is his personal property.

The usual stuff.

It's not an unpleasant movie, but it's basically just a re-tread of some very well-worn tires. No new characters. No new jokes. No new territory. Nothing you haven't seen already. The film interweaves reality with fantasy in a way that is not entirely satisfying, which is to say that the fantasy sequences make the ending of the film promising, but not completely fulfilling.



  • three deleted scenes (one with the disk's only nudity)
  • widescreen transfer,  anamorphically enhanced (16x9)



  • Jamie Hagan appears topless in an extended version of the strip sequence (deleted scenes only)
  • Jodi Fleischer appears topless in another deleted scenes
  • Alison Lange appears in a bikini
  • Jay Michael Ferguson shows 90% of his butt in the movie, and all of it in a deleted scene,

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Based on this description, it's a C-, not entirely unwatchable or unpleasant, but a predictable, routine coming-of-age youthploitation film which is unoriginal, tame and short on humor.

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