Sexual Exploration


by Tuna

Sexual Exploration is "couples' erotica" in the shape of mystery.

Wendy Rice plays a wannabe writer completely absorbed in her latest book effort, so much so that she fantasizes about her characters while having sex with her boyfriend. She calls out her male character's name at an important juncture, and her boyfriend moves out. Faced with having to pay both halves of the rent, she applies for a job as research assistant to a best-selling author. The job starts off difficult, and gets harder. He is gruff, opinionated, and seems to have no respect at all for her writing. He makes a valid point, however. If she wants to write about passion, she should experience some. He experiences plenty of passion with hooker Wendy Divine. Rice watches Divine work. The next thing you know, Rice discovers Devine strangled. Her boss seems to be the main suspect. She also has a little fun with a surprise second research assistant, when the two are sent to research a tantric sex institute. In her first 48 hours working for the author, she experiences more living than she had up to that point.

The nudity is good, the story is engaging, the music is tastefully done, the photography is very good and there is a great ending that managed to completely surprise me.

Top of the genre line, and worth the price for the ending alone.

Our Grade:

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Top notch "couples erotica."


  • Ann Marie and J.J. Holly show breasts.

  • Wendy Rice and Wendy Divine show full frontal and rear.
  • Jewel Marceau shows breasts and bush.


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Sexual Exploration

Dual region (1 & 4) DVD in English with optional Spanish subtitles.