Shark Attack 2 (2000) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Yet another grade-b retread of Jaws. Actually, I think this one is a retread of Jaws 3-D, the one that takes place in an ocean theme park. In fact this is pretty much the same movie.
Skip it. Tired plot, no originality. The lead actors are unknowns, and even some of them aren't very natural. The bit players are probably not actors at all, or maybe are local theater actors that haven't done any movies. Whatever they are, it's doubtful that acting is their day job.


one unnamed extra was seen sunbathing topless on the beach
Of course, some of them had difficult performing jobs. It's obvious in the beach scene, for example, that the actress' reaction shots were filmed at a different time from the shark shots - just head shots that were cut in without much subtlety. They obviously just took the girl out to the beach and told her to scream or look concerned.

Are there any reasons to see it? No, not really, but here are some features that you may find interesting, which may make it worth a look if these items meet your needs or preferences.

  • It was filmed on location in Cape Town, S.A. and in the area from there down to the actual Cape. That is one of the most impressive places I've seen in the world - great urban waterfront, spectacular sky rides, miles of rugged and beautiful coastline, prosperous suburbs and marinas. The whole area is photogenic, and if you've never been there, you might enjoy seeing the location shots.
  • The rest of the film also looks good, including the underwater shots.
  • The shark attacks are realistic and frightening

I've been to most corners of the world on business, and my vote for THE most spectacular natural place I've ever seen - Iguazu Falls. Took a weekend trip there when I was I living in Buenos Aires. I once lived a few miles from Niagara, and I've seen Victoria, but nothing compares to the beauty of Iguazu and the surrounding jungle. Don't know of any movies that have ever been filmed there.

DVD info from Amazon.

  • I was surprised to see there is a widescreen anamorphic version, 1.85:1. Looks pretty good as well.

  • no significant features

What are the chances that I would see two movies in one day by David Worth? I kind of liked The Prophet's Game, but that one had some top actors and an interesting script.

This one is basically just an F/X-oriented shark attack flick in which we don't realy care much about the human leads.

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Based on this description, this film is a D. The movie is not badly made, but it just needed a script with more than boy-meets-shark!

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