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Shelter (1997) is a direct to vid crime thriller about an honest ATF officer whose wife dies near the beginning of the film after a long coma caused by an accident. He is at odds with his boss, who is selling the guns they confiscate to youth gangs. He meets and falls in lust with Brenda Bakke, wife of the Greek who does most of the gun running in several states.
The ATF bad guys hatch a plot to muscle the Greeks out of town. When the hired guns shoot at Bakke and kill our hero's partner, he, as any honest cop would do, joins the bad guys. Naturally, the bad guys are ecstatic over the chance to hire an ATF agent, and make him Bakke's body guard 


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We then learn that Bakke is into women. Shortly after that, she gets it on with, you guessed it, our ATF agent. She does show breasts in a dark scene. She also shows most of a breast in the car after a shootout. As if a really lame plot wasn't bad enough, the pace is about as exciting as watching paint dry. 

If someone invites you over to see this film, immediately make an appointment for a root canal -- it will be much more enjoyable.  

Scoop's note: one IMDb viewer wrote a pretty funny commentary about what is unique in this movie, to distinguish it from all others in the genre. He suggested, among other things: The Greek-Arkansas mafia, Baboon Skin Upholstery, and a guy reloading his clip underwater.

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