(2006? 2008?)

by Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Shred is your standard underdog sports movie, pitting the slobs who play for the love of the game against the snobs who play for the corporate greedheads. In this case the sport in focus is snowboarding, so the slobs are a little sloppier than usual, and their coaches are total stoners, but if you have ever seen Ski School or Out Cold, or for that matter any other "slobs vs snobs" movie about sports or any other subject, then you've already seen this one as well. The film's short running time probably includes close to 30 minutes of actual snowboarding footage in gorgeous locations in British Columbia, so that may be interesting if snowboarding is your thing. If you are among the vast majority of people whose interest in snowboarding is casual, all that filmed competition looks like the same footage being used again and again, and the sheer volume of it just means that the film is even lighter than you might expect in terms of character development. I started to type "in terms of plot and character development" but immediately realized that my point was incorrect. It has exactly as much plot - in fact, exactly the same plot - as every other similar movie. If you're scoring at home, you can check off the plot points and stock characters one-by-one.

I guess the film was actually made in 2006 because there is a dedication at the end dated in January of 2007. I am writing these words nearly two years later and the film is a complete cipher to IMDb visitors: no votes, no reviews, no comments, no message board. In other words, it has spent two years somewhere in movie limbo.

And with good reason.


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Not worth your time, even if the premise sounds friendly to your tastes.


  • Amber Leiterman, playing a stripper, gets topless at a party.

  • Various unidentified actresses are seen topless in flashback footage..


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