Silent Madness (1984) from Tuna

Silent Madness (1984) is a slasher horror feature originally made in 3-d.
It is rather tame on the horror, very tame on the gore, and light on nudity, but is fairly intelligent for the genre. A mental hospital, due to over-crowding and budget constraints, releases patients before they are cured, as long as they are no longer a danger to themselves or others. Then they make a mistake, and release a dangerous serial killer whose name is similar to the man they intended to release. He returns to the scene of his slaughter, a sorority house. When Dr. Joan Gillmore catches the error, everyone at the hospital starts a cover-up, but Dr. Joan goes to the college to catch him and bring him back.


April Daisy White shows breasts as she changes shirts in the rear of a van
not available in region 1 DVD
All in all, this is a boring film, much too tame in the gore and violence department for a horror film, and nowhere near enough nudity for an exploitation. The Region 2 DVD transfer was clearly made from a weak master, and was noisy.

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