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Silent Night Deadly Night (1984) caused a furor when it was released. Parents came out of the woodwork to condemn the filmmakers for creating a Santa Claus villain, and making a film so violent and gory. They succeeded it getting it banned from showing during the Christmas season.

Maybe I am just dense, but it is (and was) rated R, and was called Silent Night Deadly Night. What was in these parents so called brains when they took kids of the "I believe in Santa" age to this film? It is a low budget ($750k) slasher film with evil Santas, but is far from the bloodiest I have seen. It is better made than most, and gives more insight than is usual into the psyche of the slasher.

Young Billy Chapmen is on his way to visit grandpa with his parents and his baby brother, and can't stop talking about Santa coming that night. Grandpa seems in a permanent trance, but when everyone leaves Billy with him to have a conference with the doctors, Grandpa tells Billy that there is a downside to Santa. If you have been naughty, even once during the year, Santa will punish you. On the way home, a stranded Santa stops their car on the road, shoots his father, rapes his mother (Tara Buckman), then slits his throat.


  • Tara Buckman shows breasts during the rape.
  • Barbara Stafford is nude in the sex scene, but we only see breasts.
  • Toni Nero shows breasts in a lengthy sex and death scene.
  • Linnea Quigley is wearing only a pair of panties for most of her appearance as a babysitter.

Cut to several years in the future. Billy lived. He is a little older, and living in a Catholic orphanage with his little brother. It is Christmas time, and he is upset, drawing a hideous Christmas picture. Mother Superior sees fit to punish him, especially when he peeps on two older kids (Barbara Stafford and Paul Mulder) having sex. It is here that he learns sex is naughty.

Cut to several more years in the future, and Billy is a large teenager. Sister gets him a job in a toy store for the Christmas season, and he does well until it gets very near to Christmas. Things escalate when their Santa breaks a leg, and they make Billy the store Santa. After closing on Christmas eve, they have a Christmas party, and Billy (as Santa) observes his coworker Toni Nero being seduced/forced into sex by another employee. This is, of course, naughty, and Santa must punish them.

This starts his murderous reign.

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I see no reason for the initial furor, and the film has attained cult status.  This is not an especially bloody slasher film, but does sustain tension better than most, is well filmed, has lots of breast exposure, and is reasonably well acted.

In case there are still any real thick parents out there, don't show this to your 5 year old.

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  • Amazingly, this was a theatrical release. Gross: $2.5 million.


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