Since You've Been Gone (1998) from Tuna

Since You've Been Gone (1998 TV movie) is a made for TV comedy about a 10th High School reunion, directed by David Schwimmer of "Friends".

If you are amused by gags like a women getting stuck to a toilet seat with superglue, or a guy sticking a sign on the back of the former class president that says "I am stupid", you will probably find it as devoid of humor as I did. Despite a good cast, the move had no plot, no real pace, and did not really explore any of the characters. The only high point was a brief glimpse of a breast belonging to Lara Flynn Boyle while doing it in a jeep in the parking lot. Otherwise, it was a lot of uninteresting conversation among a bunch of losers.


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IMDB readers say 5.2 of 10. It scores highest (7.2) with women under 18, and lowest (3.7) with males over 45. Put me squarely in that last group. High School reunions have been done time and again, and usually have a slasher, or at least some sexual intrigue or someone with a personal agenda to make them interesting. This film had none of that. Rather, it was as boring as a real High School reunion. While that might count as truth in film making, it does not make for entertainment, and there is nothing to be learned.  

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