by Tuna

The film starts with a party at an asylum. The doctor who heads the asylum is doing a magic act. His lovely assistant, Lou Doillon, is helping. Chloe Sevigny, a journalist trying to expose the doctor for abusing kids and performing experiments on them, has crashed the party in a clown outfit. The final main character is a young doctor who has heard about the event and volunteered to help.

The head doctor unmasks Chloe and has her thrown out, then we see him fighting with Lou Doillon, after which the young doctor drives Doillon home and sleeps with her. The next day, he leaves to get Doillon and her twin sister a cake, comes back to the apartment, and is stabbed to death. It seems that Lou Doillon was part of a pair of Siamese twins. Her sister died during separation, and ever since then Doillon switches between her good character and her sister's evil one. Or is it the other way around?

Chloe Sevigny witnesses the murder, and tries to convince the police to believe her.

Maybe that's what happened. Maybe not. If any of the above plot summary is wrong, I wouldn't be surprised, since this film is purposely inaccessible and opaque. Director Douglas Buck proudly exclaimed in the commentary that the film was designed to be ambiguous, especially at the end. While it is categorized as a horror film, and is theoretically a remake of Brian de Palma's 1973 film of the same name, it plays more like a particularly dense Italian giallo, a genre the writer/director was trying to emulate.

This is not a film I will watch again. 

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  • Lou Doillon shows her breasts briefly.

  • Chloe Sevigny shows one breast in the bathtub.


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