Six Swedish Girls ...

 (1979, 1980)

by Tuna

Sechs Schwedinnen im Pensionat (Six Swedish girls in a Boarding School, 1979) was the first of the "Six Swedish Girls" films produced, written and directed by Erwin Dietrich.

Six Swedish girls and a French girl are the only students in a boarding school which consists of one female teacher and a coach. The girls all share the same dorm room. Cozy! The film mostly consists of various boys spying on the girls, and the girls getting even by fucking them. That'll l'arn em! The teacher is sweet on a fisherman. If there is any plot at all, it is that one of the girls is a shy virgin until the end.

Another way to look at the film is as a different kind of Special Olympics. There's nude slow motion jogging, nude calisthenics, nude leap frog, and nude precision dildo modified cycling.

The IMDb score is 5.2, which is rather high for a mindless Euro sex farce. That is, however, justified in the sense that this film and should please anyone who enjoys this genre.

Sechs Schwedinnen von der Tankstelle (Six Swedish Girls from a Gas Station, 1980) once enjoyed a US release under the name High Test Girls, but has long since been unavailable.

Six Swedish girls have inherited a Swiss filling station/tavern, and have taken to getting their own tanks filled while the customers buy petrol. The petrol-buying motorists love the service. The mayor's wife thinks the girls are sinful, and nags him to get rid of them. However, her real motive becomes clear when the mayor leaves for a city council meeting, and one of the councilmen drops by to service her. In fact, one of the four councilmen takes care of the mayor's wife before every meeting, inevitably delaying the start.

The ingenious girls also bring back their bicycle with a dildo piston in the seat, and all of them ride it. Not content with eight women showing everything, riding a bicycle dildo, and having simulated sex, Mr. Dietrich also created one of the peak moments in nude cinema history. Imagine six naked Swedish women running in slow motion along a stream through the forest for probably 10 minutes.

This was classic fare from adult night at the drive-in, and we wouldn't have felt in any way cheated by this one. Lots of naked women having good clean dirty fun.

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5.2 IMDB summary (of 10)
3.6 IMDB summary (of 10)





  • Pensionat: The seven female students and the teacher all show everything. These ladies are, Anne Libert, Elsa Maroussia, Nadine Pascal, Daničle Troeger, Brigitte Lahaie, France Lomay, Kathleen Kane and Diane Kelly.
  • Tankstelle: the naked women are played by Brigitte Lahaie, Nadine Pascal, France Lomay, Jane Baker, Flore Sollier, Elodie Delage, Elsa Maroussia and Barbara Moose.


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Great examples of 1970s nudie films. Lots of beautiful women naked. Mindless fun.