The Smokers (2000) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Teenage girls turn the tables when three outcasts at a toney prep school decide to use mom's old pistol to rape some boys at gunpoint.

When they commit their heinous acts, they wear Disney masks, and they're known is "the smokers" because ... um ... because they all smoke. Pretty imaginative, eh?


no female

male: rear end shot from Joel West

The cast is not bad, including Dominique Swain, Busy Philipps of Dawson's Creek, and Thora Birch in a small role. Unfortunately, the script has a great gaping flaw in it. If it were going to work as some kind of drama/revenge thing, they'd need a motivation. But we don't see much reason for all this pent-up hate, and even when they talk about it we don't hear any real horror story that could help us see their point of view. As a result, the film just consists of some people being mean to other people, for no real cause. Who are we supposed to relate to, I wonder?

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It is possible that the film was trying for black comedy, but it is heavy-handed and unfunny, so I don't know if we can use that as an excuse or justification for the poor dramatic flow and lack of identification with the characters.

Since there is no nudity, you probably want to avoid it completely, and then you won't have to sweat out their motivations.

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