Sensitive New-Age Killer (SNAK)


by Tuna

SNAK is the story of a sensitive hit man named Paul who is trying to make it big in murder-for-hire even though he only whacks people who deserve it. He knew what his career would be like way back when he was a kid, after he saw legendary hit man Colin "The Snake" Adder (Frank Bren) take out someone who was picking on his favorite hooker.

Oh, Paul has made some hits, and feels competent, but he's been waiting for the one big hit that would make his reputation and insure financial success, and he's starting to get pressure from his wife (Helen Hopkins) to be a better provider.  He does have a few handicaps. First, he was caught by police woman Matty (Carolyn Bock), who is blackmailing him for sex, but doesn't know he is married. That is bad enough, but his best friend George is blackmailing his wife into sex because she looks like his dead mother, and because he found out he was actually her daughter's father.

It looks like things are finally going Paul's way when Mattie the Policewoman tells him about a million dollar hit, but even that gets complicated when his boyhood hero, The Snake, returns to town to whack the same target.

Sensitive New Age Killer was one of two very silly films helmed in 2000 by Australian director Mark Savage, the other being Masked Avenger Versus Ultra-Villain in the Lair of the Naked Bikini. The film contains great action, good death effects, and a generous helping of black humor. For instance, Kevin Hopkins snorts his mother's ashes, and The Snake always has a stethoscope so he can listen to his victims die. Made for about a million dollars, it is an excellent effort - a quick watch and a refreshingly original and entertaining crime/noir/dark comedy.

Our Grade:

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Top-notch genre fare.


  • Helen Hopkins shows breasts, as does Simone Satin as a clothing removal expert, and real-life dominatrix
  • Nik Wilmott shows her right breast as a dominatrix.
  • (Carolyn Bock had just given birth, and in her words, her "bazookas were too big to take out.")




Unknown, but various sources mention that it was the first Mark Savage film to get a theatrical release in Australia.




4.7 IMDB summary (of 10)



It is available in the US from in an all region PAL loaded with features.