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The story of Le Sourire deals with a doctor (Jean-Pierre Marielle) who runs a mental asylum with his estranged and bossy wife. He is having health problems and decides to take a break, so he goes on some kind of Tour de France and on a train he meets Emmanuelle Seigner, who has frequent nose-bleeds. They decide to travel along together and we see how their relationship develops and eventually dies. During their journeys they end up in a traveling strip show joint, run by Richard Bohringer (father of Romane). It is in that establishment where an astounding number of nude scenes take place, as always seems to be the case when Jean-Pierre Marielle is in a movie. This excellent and prolific French actor is one lucky dude. He somehow always ends up in the presence of many naked well-known French actresses. It may be interesting to know that he is playing a role in The Da Vinci Code, so he'll soon be recognized by international audiences as well. 

It is a mystery to me that Le Sourire is still not available on DVD anywhere in the world, not even in France, as far as I know. It's an Eldorado for celebrity nudity lovers and it's a good movie as well. It was written and directed by Claude Miller, who recently performed the same two functions in La Petite Lili. Marielle and Emmanuelle Seigner were excellent in their roles, while the other actors weren't too shabby either. The characters in this somewhat out-of-reality story could be persons of flesh and blood and managed to hold my attention even in a dubbed version from German TV, despite the fact that the movie is too contemplative in some parts.  

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More than 13 minutes of nudity. If I counted correctly we have 10 actresses completely in the buff with only 4 of them unidentified.

Emmanuelle Seigner, director Roman Polanski's wife, in an excellent triple B performance. Her sister Mathilde as well, equally nude. Then 4 more actresses, all stark naked: NoŽlla Dussart, now a children's show host, Jeanne Savary, Catherine Mongodin and Nathalie Cardone. 4 unknown performers are also as naked as a jaybird.

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