Spider's Web  (2001) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski) and Tuna

We both liked this genre effort. It ain't The Maltese Falcon, but if you are into erotic thrillers as relaxing viewing, this one is worth a look.

Scoop's notes in white:

Spider's Web is an erotic thriller which had no theatrical release.

I don't think you should be scared off by the implications of the above sentence. If you like erotic thrillers, this one is not bad at all:


  • breasts and buns from Kari Wuhrer, many times in adequate light
  • medium distance shot of Stephen Baldwin's butt behind a sliding glass door
  • Kari Wuhrer is an attractive woman, well known, and a far more capable actress than the people who usually star in these films.
  • Stephen Baldwin delivers the role as written.
  • There are plenty of twists and double-crosses, but not so many that the whole thing becomes confusing. It is a movie that would be a watchable "b" film even without the nudity
  • The nudity is attractive, although not very explicit (there are no full frontals).

DVD info from Amazon.

  • no widescreen version

  • no features

In other words, by the standards of the genre, while Spider's Web doesn't have either a great plot or great nudity, is it pretty solid in both departments, and is acted by actual, competent actors.

Baldwin and Wuhrer also co-produced.

Tuna's notes in yellow:

This direct to vid erotic thriller was an actual treat.

Kari Wuhrer is an investment analyst for a company that invests blind trust funds, and finds herself up against a glass ceiling, and then fired, for trying to take credit for her own idea. As the film opens, we see her sitting topless at a computer chatting with her contact in Tokyo about a pending stock deal, with her lover for the night waiting in the background. We know immediately that we will be seeing a lot of skin from Kari and that she is a sharp business woman. And all this is during the opening credits. When she unceremoniously ushers out her flavor of the night the next morning, we know she is not to be taken lightly.

She ends up teamed with Stephen Baldwin in a plot to steal $40M from his rich father. I won't write a spoiler, but I will say that all of the plot twists are well set up earlier in the film, and that an attentive viewer will have a pretty good idea of what is going on, but they maintain suspense to the last scene even for those who have figured it all out early. Wuhrer can actually act, and Baldwin played his character well. Some of the minor characters also did a good job.

I suspect this was shot on the cheap on Digital Video, but it looks very good, and they did not attempt to push the capabilities of the camera past what it could do. As regular readers know, thrillers turn me off easily, with only one or two mistakes. The plot line here was consistent, and just complex enough to keep me guessing and interested. There was only one small line of dialogue that bothered me. When her boss fires Wuhrer, he says that she has had her skirt in a twist since she arrived. We all know the proper phrase is panties in a twist, bunch or wad. Other than that obvious bowdlerization, I was able to sit back and enjoy it.

This is not going to replace Body Heat as one of my favorite erotic thrillers, but it made for a pleasant afternoon.


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Based on this description, Scoop says, "C as an erotic noir thriller. Not good enough to cross over, but good enough if you like your nudity salted with a watchable context. I liked it and I would have said C+, top of the line for the genre, if there had been some full-frontal nudity". Tuna says, "I have to give it a C+. It has no crossover appeal, but the attention to detail in the script, and better than usual acting, make it a good genre effort."

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