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Star Hunter (1995) is a straight to vid from the Co-King of Grade C films, Fred Olen Ray. (His partner in Kingship is Jim Wynorski.)

Here's a look at the Fredster's career, based on the films with enough votes for IMDb ratings. Based on the IMDb scores, the films are ranked from highest to lowest, and divided into thirds. Note that an execrable score of 3.44 is enough to make the top third of Ray's career.

  1. (4.05) - Shooter, The (1997)
  2. (3.86) - Armed Response (1986)
  3. (3.76) - Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (1988)
  4. (3.74) - Fugitive Mind (1999) (V)
  5. (3.74) - Friend of the Family II (1996)
  6. (3.58) - Critical Mass (2000)
  7. (3.53) - Counter Measures (1998)
  8. (3.53) - Deep Space (1987)
  9. (3.53) - Phantom Empire, The (1986)
  10. (3.53) - Inferno (1997)
  11. (3.46) - Venomous (2001)
  12. (3.44) - Sideshow (2000)
  13. (3.42) - Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold (1995)
  14. (3.42) - Bikini Hoe-Down (1997) (V)
  15. (3.41) - Air Rage (2001) (V)
  16. (3.38) - Prison Ship (1984)
  17. (3.36) - Beverly Hills Vamp (1988)
  18. (3.33) - Haunting Fear (1991)
  19. (3.33) - Bikini Drive-In (1995)
  20. (3.29) - Mach 2 (2001)
  21. (3.27) - Dinosaur Island (1994)
  22. (3.24) - Droid Gunner (1995)
  23. (3.24) - Submerged (2000)
  24. (3.24) - Cyclone (1987)
  25. (3.23) - Invisible Mom (1997) (V)
  26. (3.18) - Mob Boss (1990) (V)
  27. (3.06) - Prophet, The (1999/I)
  28. (3.05) - Inner Sanctum (1991)
  29. (3.04) - Alienator (1989)
  30. (3.02) - Invisible Dad (1997) (V)
  31. (2.98) - Possessed by the Night (1994)
  32. (2.97) - Hybrid (1997)
  33. (2.97) - Active Stealth (1999)
  34. (2.87) - Evil Toons (1992)
  35. (2.66) - Alien Dead (1980)
  36. (2.60) - Final Examination (2003) (V)
  37. (2.47) - Masseuse (1996)

Star Hunter is rated 2.3, so if it had enough votes, it would be the very lowest rated film from an especially low rated career.

Here's the formula, if you want to try it at home:

  • Take a $50.00 budget, two out-of-work former stars (Roddy McDowell and Stella Stevens), and a young woman willing to show a breast.

  • Get the cute chick out of her bra in a bedroom before anything starts, and then kill off Stevens quickly, because the budget won't permit her to be in more than a single day of shooting, even at the "washed up grade B star" rate.

  • Borrow some robots and some space ship sets, and an old warehouse for your setting.


Wendy Schumacher is the designated breast-barer.

Voila! You're on you way to your own private Citizen Kane.

It goes down something like this:

Some kids are coming back from a football game because there wasn't room for them on the team bus. They get lost. They become the hunted in The Most Dangerous Game, with the space thing as the hunter.

Mind you, this is an intergalactic fugitive who escaped from prison, and hunting life-forms is his thing. He has super weapons, nearly impenetrable defenses, and regenerates when he is wounded. Indeed, he has no trouble disposing of some cops when they join the party.

He is no match for this group of teenagers, however, as they foil him (literally) with tinfoil and other clever devices.

Heard enough? Me too.

Even at 2.3, it is highly overrated at IMDb, and the DVD quality is commensurate with the story quality. Avoid this at all costs.

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