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Star Slammer (1984), which is called Prison Ship at IMDB, is an Action/Comedy/SciFi by Fred Olen Ray. It marks the third terrible film in a row I have endured. 

Taura (Sandy Brooke) is a space miner who is hassled by corrupt government representatives, framed for a murder or two, and sentenced to a space ship prison. For there, it is Women in Prison meets Star Wars, but with special effects at about kindergarten crayon level, terrible acting, none of the worthwhile WIP cliches, a trite derivative story line, and a sound track comprised entirely of inappropriate classical tunes, such as Bolero and Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies. 


Sandy Brooke shows her buns in butt-floss shorts on the mining planet, then shows her breasts twice changing.

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bare bones

This film is not of the so bad it's good variety, it is simply abysmal. is a great site devoted to WIP films, which agrees with me on this one. I shudder to think what fragrance of Yak excrement is in store for  tomorrow. 

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