Staying on Top (2002) from Tuna

Staying On Top (2002 video) is a non-theatrical softcore made for the "couples erotica" market.


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Staying on Top

It is available in the US from on a dual region (1 and 4) DVD in English. Click on the image for details.

The story centers on two women.

  • Holly Sampson plays a brilliant young ad exec who came out of school touted to be God's gift to advertising, and so far has lived up to her promise. She has a photographer boyfriend, a great house and a bright future.
  • Angela Davies plays her ruthless bitch of a boss who gets whatever she wants by having talent, and by doing whatever or whomever it takes.

When an important new account is up for grabs, the customer would like a team of Holly as creative and Angela as business. While the owner of the agency also sees that as a great combination, Angela wants it all. It looks like Holly is down for the count when Angela fucks the customer, and also does Holly's boyfriend, then informs Holly that she is off the account. Holly quits, finds out her boyfriend has been screwing around, then decides to start her own agency with her friend Mia Zotolli and Angela's assistant, Sasha Peralto.

I was still there at the end wanting to know how it would all sort out, which is all you can ask from a plot in one of these "couples erotica" films, especially since Sampson, Davies, Zotolli, Peralto all show everything in various solo, girl/girl, and girl/boy scenes, as do Leila Hashemzadeh as a model the boyfriend boffs, and Holly Hollywood (Stacey Leigh Mobley) as a masseuse. Ms. Hollywood goes the extra mile with gyno/procto shots.

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  • IMDB summary. 6.1/10 (!!! - Very high for a softcore sex film.)
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Based on this description, this film is a C, rated as a softcore porn film. Good enough erotica and a reasonably intriguing plotline

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