Strike a Pose (1993) from Tuna

Robert Eastwick plays a suspended cop who shot a young women in a convenience store hold-up. The deputy DA, who is now seeing Eastwicks's ex (Michelle Garrin, who is also a cop) has managed to get him placed on desk duty, claiming that he used excessive force.

Eastwick's current girlfriend, Michele Brin, is an ex fashion model turned photographer. This provide an opportunity for three photo sessions, where the models pose in swimsuits, lingerie, and topless.

The credits list models as:

  • Kelly Dunn

  • Kristy Gibson

  • Keichia Shablis Story

  • Beth Ann Manning

  • Carolyn Kwiecinski

  • Debbie Beatty

  • Tina Jakobsson

  • Dianna Cuevas

  • Larissa Burnett

  • Paris Burnett

I have no idea whose whooters are whose.

It is misleading to go on and on about the plot, as very little screen time was devoted to it, but here goes. A convicted rapist put away by Eastwick is turned loose pending a retrial, and has sworn revenge on those who arrested him. His girlfriend, Tamara Landry, picks him up from jail, has a gun and smokes ready, then takes him to a hotel to fuck his brains out. Eastwick's partner is run over by a hit and run driver, and everything points to the rapist, who is supposedly after anyone Eastwick likes.

They carefully introduce another character, a new assistant to Brin, who has no real function in the plot.

So much for the surprise ending!

Michele Brin shows breasts and buns in three long sex scenes. Michelle Garrin shows breasts and buns trying to seduce Eastwick, and then shows her breasts in a scene with her husband. Tamara Landry shows breasts and buns in a long sex scene, and Jeanine Antoine and Sindy Tennes, as two models, have a lengthy girl-girl, showing lots of breast and some good lesbian kisses.

Acting was nearly universally poor, with the exception of Michelle Garin, who was quite competent. It is puzzling that she has no other credits because she was good enough to merit more work.


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IMDB readers have this at 2.7 of 10. Comments range from "trashy nothing garbage" to great mindless T & A. Both are probably fair. Unfortunately, this is a very early DVD, is undersaturated and very grainy. All of the women wore crotch patches in sex scenes. They are especially obvious in the first few images of Landry.

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