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Stuck on You (1984) is another early Troma release, this one starring Professor Erwin Corey as the angel Gabrial, come to earth as the judge in a palimony case with an eye to saving the relationship. 
The film is a series of vignettes, some of the couple and highlights of their relationship, others historical, and used by Corey to illustrate his points. The film was intended as a satire of current events and women's liberation. If the following scenes sound funny to you, you are as demented as I am and will enjoy this film: 


Virginia Penta is topless while they are body-painting
  • While body painting each other, Virginia Penta and Mark Mikulski super glue themselves together, and hop past a real estate agent showing the house across the street on the way to the hospital. 
  • Mikulski works for an egg farmer, and tried to increase laying by making a chicken porno. 
  • They call AAA to use the tow truck hoist to get Penta's tight jeans on. 
  • During the opening introduction with Kaufman, the subliminal message "pig fucker" flashes several times. 

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Professor Irwin Corey was never a personal favorite, and some of the humor was too low-brow even for me.

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