Styx (2001) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Three guys in movie heaven: Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, Denzel Washington

Three guys in hell:  Richard Grieco, Michael Paré, Eric Roberts

In between, we have three guys in limbo: Peter Weller, Bryan Brown, Angus McFadyen

All three of the limbo guys are in this movie, which appears to have been made as a straight-to-vid. Limbo is not a good place to be, because the trend is downward to hell, not upward to heaven. A couple of years ago, Michael Madsen, Malcolm McDowell, and Dennis Hopper were in limbo, making some b movies to supplement their roles in majors. Now they seem to be permanently in hell, consistently paired with Paré and the B boys. 

It seems to be almost impossible to escape from hell. Eric Roberts has turned in some pretty good performances down there in Hades, even an excellent one in La Cucaracha, but I don't think there is a road back to real movies. If there is, it's difficult to find. It's like getting back to the majors after being sent down to the rookie league.


Chantelle Standler is seen naked from behind while she showers

Nan Hamilton does a brief scene of full-frontal nudity.

male: Warrick Grier is naked, full-frontal in the scene with Nan Hamilton

MacFadyen was in real movies a very short time ago, but his presence in this cast is not a positive omen for his personal future.

Given all that, I guess it it fitting that the movie is named Styx, because the River Styx is the passageway to Hell.

It's one of those films where a bunch of low-rent guys who don't trust each other try to pull off a massive caper. As is inevitable in these films, each of them is upset that the others don't show him enough "respect". They need the expertise of one guy (Weller) who has left the rackets to become an honest restaurant owner, so he joins in for the ever-cliched "one last job". They all double-cross each other and fire off thousands of rounds and have a lot of car chases. Round up the usual plot twists. 

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bare-bones, no widescreen

The fight scenes between geezers Bryan Brown and Peter Weller looked like the battle for a front seat when Matlock comes on at the old folks' home.

The end.

It is a perfect movie to be starring "limbo guys". Not bad enough to be a Grieco classic. Not good enough to be "Lock, Stock ... "

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