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The titular Sue is down for the count. She lives in Manhattan, but is out of work, and three months behind in her rent. Her landlord is about out of patience, especially since her rent is grandfathered at a low rate. We see her at the occasional job interview, where she is pathetically eager but, despite a masters degree in psychology from Columbia and many years experience in a law office, seems to be nearly unemployable. As she says, she only communicates using sex, and as a very lonely person, tries to communicate a lot. She picks up a freelance writer, Matthew Powers, in a restaurant, and he seems to be her salvation until he takes a job assignment out of the country. Then there is no hope for her.

This is a searing 1997 portrait of a disenfranchised woman who is too demoralized to recover even when help is offered. I found it far better than the plot summary makes it sound. Sue is made into a brilliant film by a vulnerable performance from Anna Levine Thomson in the title role. She manages to turn a slutty loser into a sympathetic character who involves the audience in her life. Rather than being repulsed be her, you want to reach out to her.

Anna is best known in the States for small but memorable turns in Unforgiven and The Crow, but became such a sensation in France after this film that she moved there to pursue her career, and starred in several more films with the same writer/director (Amos Kollek).

  1. Sue (1997) 7.1/10
  2. Fiona (1998) 6.4/10
  3. Fast Food Fast Women (2000) 6.4/10
  4. Bridget (2002) 5.7/10

Here is an interview with Anna Thomson in which she discusses her career, focusing particular attention on her portrayal of Sue.

Kollek, known for books as  well as films, is the son of Teddy Kollek, the legendary long-time (1965 to 1993) mayor of Jerusalem who died about a month ago. (Written in January 2007).


It has never been released on a Region 1 DVD. It can be obtained on a Region 2 disc in Germany and elsewhere.


1 TV Guide (of 4 stars)
100 Rotten Tomatoes  (% positive)


7.1 IMDB summary (of 10)


It played in one theater, grossed $54,000, and was never released on DVD.


  • Anna Levine Thomson shows all.

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It cannot be higher than a C+ on our scale because it is simply not a mass-audience movie. In North America it appeared in one theater and never came to home media at all! It is, however, a great success in its own way, and was extremely popular with the turtleneck audience, particularly in Europe.