Summer Catch (2001) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Freddie Prinze, Jr has really assumed the mantle of negative responsibility from the all-but-retired Pauly Shore. Has this guy ever been in a good movie?

This one is bad even by his standards. He plays a Cape Cod local who plays in the prestigious Cape Cod Summer Baseball League. In the context of the story, kind of a Bull Durham North, this represents the first time a local has ever been invited to participate in this league. He is also the son of the local landscaper/gardener, and the snooty upper crust locals don't want their daughters to hang with him.

So imagine every baseball movie cliché.

Add every "rich girl in love with a guy from the wrong side of the tracks" cliché, especially the evil, scheming father.


none, but a really fat woman wears a thong

Jessica Biel appears in a wet shirt and in a swimsuit.

Freddie Prinze shows his buns when he's wearing a woman's thong

And then add in all the trite stylistic clichés, like the repeated lines in his thoughts. He starts to pitch, and hears his dad's or brother's or girlfriend's words from the previous scene.

Even the casting is ludicrous. The baseball coach, a former left-handed pitcher, is played by Brian Dennehy. How many pitchers do you know who are 6'2", 350?  On the other hand, the team catcher is played by Prinze's fellow member of the Young Shakespeare Society, Matthew Lillard. Have you seen many catchers who are 6'5", 125, with no muscles at all? And he swings about the way Truman Capote would have swung if he had tried baseball.

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  • Widescreen anamorphic, 1.85:1

  • full-length commentary

  • about 10 minutes worth of deleted scenes

I love baseball and will watch almost any baseball movie, but this is just plain lame.

Look for a major role played by superannuated sportscaster Curt Gowdy, and cameo appearances from Hank Aaron, Ken Griffey Jr, and Dick Allen. There is also a brief, uncredited cameo from Bev D'Angelo, who took over the role Sarandon played in Bull Durham, the older woman seducing local rookies. (She looked terrific)

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  • General consensus: one and a half stars . Berardinelli 1.5/4, Apollo 51/100, 2/5

  • Rotten Tomatoes summary. 8% positive overall (what were those people thinking of?), and a perfect 0% from the top critics.

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  • With their votes ... IMDB summary: IMDB readers say 4.1 of 10, Apollo voters 51/100. Rated almost as low by young girls as by older men
  • with their dollars ... unbelievably, this film grossed a fairly respectable $19 million, on a budget of 417 million


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Based on this description, this film is an E. Very weak in all elements except photography.

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