Sumo Vixens (2001) from Tuna

If you can't turn this film and a six-pack into a party, you have had your sense of fun surgically removed.  Right off the bat here, we are dealing with topless female Sumo wrestlers. Thin ones. I would like to think heaven was a little like this. Add a plot, overacting, and make the star Kei Mizutani (Weather Woman), and you have the Seven Samurai of Topless Skinny Female Sumo Wrestler films. 


At least 10 women show breasts and buns nearly in every scene, including Kei Mizautani. 

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 The daughter of a famous historical female Sumo Wrestler wants to revive a female Sumo school to save her mother's property from Yakuza loan sharks.  She enlists the aid of a former Sumo/Jailbird/Yakuza to help her gather and train a team. The Yakuza brings in some ringers, and the bout is for ownership of the dojo.

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Based on this description, this film is a C+, my  highest soft-core score. Lots of breasts, unique concept, and a ton of bad  movie gestalt.

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