Supervixens (1975) from Tuna

SuperVixens is a Russ Meyer extravaganza.

Charles Pins plays a mild-mannered young man working in a gas station. As the film opens, the large-breasted Christie Hartburg is a customer trying to seduce him. Meanwhile, his large-breasted significant other, Shari Eubank, is calling him and accusing him of cheating. She demands that he come home and service her immediately. When he can't rise to the occasion, she starts berating him. He tries to leave, but she starts attacking his prize pick-up truck with an ax, so he drags her back into the house kicking and screaming. A helpful neighbor calls the police, and an especially sleazy officer arrives, knocks our hero out, and sends Shari to the hospital. When she returns home, the police officer shows up. She tries to seduce him, but he can't get it up any better than Pins, so she starts berating him in the same manner.

Naturally he kills her. What choice did he have?

Pins is the obvious suspect, and hitches a ride out of town, but not before ducking into a bar run by the large-breasted Haji (Anyone notice a trend here?) and drowning her sorrow. The people who pick up the fleeing hitchhiker are a guy and his, dare I say it, large-breasted girlfriend Sharon Kelly. When Pins asks to get out of the car, the two beat him up and rob him. He is picked up by a farmer with an Austrian mail-order bride, the large-breasted Uschi Digard, who seduces our hero. Pins barely escapes the pitchfork-hurling farmer, and checks into a motel. Needless to say, the motel's owner has a large-breasted daughter, Deborah McGuire, who tries to seduce him. Pins runs, and finds a gas station run by (all together now) a large-breasted woman. This one looks exactly like his dead girlfriend, and is also played by Shari Eubank. It looks like our hero has found true love and peace at last, when none other than the murderous police officer shows up with evil intentions.

I will leave the "exciting" ending for you to discover. Those quote marks indicate that many reviews and IMDb comments praise the ending. It is possible that I am jaded, but I thought it was sort of a yawn.

So, who should see this movie?

Let's not always see the same hands now.

Yes, lovers of large-breasted women. 


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  • Uschi Digard, Shari Eubank and Deborah McGuire show full frontal and rear nudity.

  • Christi Hartburg shows cleavage

  • Haji wears pasties and a vanity patch

  • Sharon Kelly exposes one breast briefly.

The Critics Vote ...

  • Variety says: "The film is technically slick and the acting is competent ... (but) Russ Meyer's Supervixens is an overlong and overly violent skin pic whose interest lies in its pretentions to be more than a skin film. It's all very low on camp and high on blood.


The People Vote ...

  • IMDB summary. IMDb voters score it 6.1/10, which is quite high for an exploitation film.
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Based on this description, this film is a C. Solid genre film. In addition to its obvious appeal to admirers of massive mammaries, the film will also appeal to Russ Meyer fans, and those curious about 70s junk cinema. Others may or may not get the occasional chuckle, but the cop is too violent and sadistic for this too have feel-good vibes.

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