Surf School


by Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

This is currently rated the worst film of all time at IMDb. The most positive demographic group (females under 18) scores it 1.5 out of ten, while three of the groups score it a perfect 1.0!

Of the top 1000 IMDB voters, a group which usually offers the most accurate and unbiased measurement, there have been 72 votes of which 70 are "1/10" and the other two are "2/10." That is astounding! It's truly the rare movie with no audience at all!

There are a few glowing comments at IMDb - every single one obviously written by people involved with the movie. Every one of the positive statements was from somebody who never reviewed any other movie - except one which was written by someone who also reviewed Death to the Supermodels and gave them both 10/10. By a remarkable coincidence, those two movies were both directed by the same guy! (Death to the Supermodels is rated 2.1 at IMDb and received an E- from me.)

by Tuna

Surf School is sort of a combination of a sports cliché film and the Revenge of the Nerds. Corey Sevier plays an East Coast lacrosse stud. The season is over, he has already been awarded a scholarship, and his mother talks him into finishing his senior year in California so he can play in a lacrosse league there and stay sharp. When he hits Laguna High, he finds that he is no longer a big man on campus, and that it is the surfers at the top of the pecking order. He fits in well with a group of nerds.

The surfers are on their way to an invitation-only senior trip to Costa Rica for a High School surf championship. Corey convinces the nerds to show up in Costa Rica a week early, take surfing lessons, and beat the evil surfer dudes at their own game.  In addition to wanting to win the surfing contest, the group is interested in getting laid, so there are three Swedish blondes in the film to show their breasts. The nerds have rooms booked at a commune run by two aging hippies who can't return to the U.S. because of some of their more radical activities in the 60s. The surf instructor turns out to be a drunk who has somehow lost the last 30 years of his life since he was a surfing champion.

Most of the acting was way over the top, and the plot was completely predictable. Yes, it is a bad movie, but not entirely without chuckles, and is competent technically. This is not the worst film of all time, but merely the same caliber of film as some of the very weak National Lampoon films.


  • Rikke Moegelhoe, Anike Knudson, and Aubrie Lemon are topless as the three Swedish girls.


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1.3 IMDB summary (of 10)

Worst of all time!

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