Sworn to Justice (1996) from Tuna

Sworn to Justice (1996) stars former kick-boxing champion Cynthia Rothrock as:
A woman whose sister and nephew are killed during a robbery at her home
A psychologist
An expert witness in competency hearings
A Kung Fu revenger and vigilante
A psychic
A hot piece of ass
Great with a knife and gun


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  • bare bones

  • no widescreen

Not a big surprise that she produced this film. She spends the entire film revenging her sister and getting laid. She shows her right breast briefly in a love scene,  buns wearing a thing, and lots of cleavage. The best  exposure is probably through a net bra. She is on solid ground when she is  fighting, but dialogue isn't her strong point. The mystery of the film is supposed to be who the head of the criminal syndicate is. I found the plot  so muddled I just didn't care by the end.  

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Based on this description, I say C, a decent martial arts film.

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