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Taboo (1980) claims to be the best selling adult film of all time. It was produced and directed by Kirdy Stevens and spawned at least 7 sequels that I know of. It stars Kay Parker as a recently separated mother of a 19 year old son. When her husband leaves abruptly for his secretary, she enters the work force, and seeks the help and comfort of old friend Juliet Anderson (aka Aunt Peg). Juliet lives with "a hot young stud, and a little girl with the sweetest pussy she has ever tasted." The oriental girl in the images with Anderson is Miko Yani. Parker's son is currently studying and sleeping with Dorothy Le May.

Anderson fixes Parker up with a blind date, who takes the uptight Parker to an orgy. The daisy chain at the orgy (see the logo on each image) is one of the better known scenes in porn. Parker doesn't participate, but comes home more than a little aroused. Unable to sleep, she checks on her son, and sees that he has grown into a formidable man. Unable to help herself, she has sex with him, thus committing the last Taboo.

Parker is naturally large breasted, and looks every bit the 40-something she is playing, but is still not hard to look at. Anderson is in her prime in this one, and Le May is at her prime.  


hardcore. see commentary

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Based on this description, I can't award more than C+ to a hard core, but this is a 4 star hardcore from the classical era.

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