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Tenebre (1982) is a nifty whodunit thriller by Dario Argento. 
After doing several pure horror in a row, he returned to his real love, suspense thriller, but with lots of gore. Dario loves to push the envelope, and create effects that have never been done on film. He was asked in an interview if he felt guilty because people have trouble sleeping after one of his films. He said, "No, I love it. That means the film affected them." 


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 An American author of a murder mystery, Tenebre, flies to Italy on a promotional tour. Someone starts murdering girls, and sending notes to the author. The killer also stuffs pages from the book into the first victim's mouth. I don't want to reveal more of the plot, as I recommend this one. This new uncut dubbed version is very watchable.

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  • Widescreen anamorphic, 1.85:1

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The color palette used in this film is more modern than most of Argento's films. but his expertise with the camera is still evident.  Mirellia D'Angelo and Lara Wendel have good see-throughs, an Unknown lesbian shows breasts several times in a long scene, and Eva Robins shows his breasts in a lengthy flashback. 

Leonard Maltin reviewed the 91 minute butchered version first released in the US and awarded 2 stars. Argento was furious about the censored version. . The gore may put off some mystery fans, but I think both horror and suspense fans will enjoy this one..

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