Terror Tract (2000) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Any film that stars John Ritter and wrestler Marcus Bagwell is OK by me.
This is one of those horror anthologies, with a basic narrative overlay which stitches together three unrelated stories. The shell story features Ritter as a real estate agent trying to sell a house to a newlywed couple. They are beautiful houses, way above expectations, and the couple can't believe such magnificence is affordable on their start-up budget, so they want to know the "catch". Because of the full disclosure laws, when the young people ask what happened to the prior owners, Ritter must reveal the gruesome stories that took place in the homes.


Kathryn Erbe was seen naked from the rear in the bathroom, clearly lit.

In addition, her breasts were seen in a dark sex scene.

The stories themselves are also kind of tongue-in-cheek, basically the same type of macabre material that you'd see in "Tales from the Crypt". The middle tale, about an dad who goes to great lengths to get rid of a monkey that his daughter wants to adopt, is the funniest story. The first tale, about a husband who ends up dying when he tries to kill his cheatin' wife, is the scariest. Let's just say that death really doesn't slow him down that much.

Can you believe it? this thing has its own web site. (www.terrortract.com)

You guys aren't going to go out and rent this, so here's the funny finale:

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The young people don't want a home with a past, so they won't make an offer, but Ritter needs this sale to make some quota. It appears that his boss will kill his wife and son if he doesn't make the sale. Excellent incentive program. The couple is sour on the whole neighborhood because of all the stories they have heard. When the young man refuses to make an offer, Ritter stabs him repeatedly. The wife drives away in Ritter's car, and as she drives through the neighborhood she notices that all the houses have some grotesque activity in public sight - severed limbs, mutilated pets, etc.

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