The Tiger and the Pussycat (1967) from Tuna

Il Tigre (1967), aka The Tiger and the Pussycat features Ann-Margaret and nude close-ups from the back that show a hint of breast. 
It is the story of a middle-aged businessman who decides to have Ann-Margaret as a mid-life crisis. 


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The film is chiefly interesting to me as it depicts 60's attitudes, both establishment and counter-culture, and shows costumes of the era. The DVD is clearly mastered from video, and, while watchable, is not at all good quality. The sound is also mushy. 

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no widescreen, no features

Scoop's notes:

1967 winner of the Silver Seashell at the  San Sebastian film festival. Need I say more?

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  • Maltin 2.5/4

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Based on this description,  I will score this a C. Not bad for romantic comedy fans or those nostalgic for the late 60's, but little cross-over appeal.

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