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True Blood (1989) is an average action film about a young gang leader (Jeff Fahey), who rumbles with a rival gang. When the police arrive, the rival gang leader shoots a cop between the eyes, then plants the gun on Fahey. Fahey tries to escape with his 10 year old brother, but circumstances force him to leave the brother behind and flee the police alone. 
The dead cop's partner, James Tolkan, swears revenge.

Cut to 10 years later.

Fahey, now a Marine veteran and upstanding citizen, returns to Chicago, looking for his little brother. Tolkan is still out to get Fahey after all these years, and the little brother is now a gang banger in the rival gang which is still run by, you guessed it, the same evil dude who framed Fahey for the cops murder.

The film is nearly endless chases, punctuated by fighting. Few have seen it. 


Sherilyn Fenn plays the love interest, and shows her breasts when the bad guy interrupts her shower.

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  • full screen

  • no meaningful extras

Scoop's comments:

This is yet another DVD which includes a quiz on the film. Why do they think this brings added value to the package? Is it supposed to be classy? Did Madame Bovary and Eugene Onegin come with a quiz in the original editions? Do the marketers actually think we enjoy taking quizzes? Hell, why not make them essay questions and include a Blue Book in the DVD box?

In the DVD liner notes, they have two questions, and they made a serious grammatical or logical error in each of them.

1. How many men does Ray and his gang have to fight?

a)6  b)3  c)5  d)8

2. Do you remember where Ray wants to take Donny?

a) New York   b) Wyoming  c) Denver  d) Philadelphia

We could have another quiz to spot the problems, but I'll tell you, in order to speed things up.

  • In the first question, the subject and verb do not agree. "Does" should be "do". The subject is "Ray and his gang", which is plural.
  • In the second question, the wording should be, "Where does Ray want to take Donny?". The way they have it worded now, there are only two possible answers, and neither of them is wrong (unless you lie).

a) Yes, I remember     b) No, I don't remember

I think the author of the quiz can rule out a career as an SAT writer, but I did fare much better on this quiz than on the one about Deadly Drifter.

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Based on this description, this film is a C. Adequate genre piece, no more.

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