UFO (1993) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Roy "Chubby" Brown can best be described as a Northern provincial version of Benny Hill. He's equally plump and round-faced, equally bawdy and sexist, but far more foul-mouthed. He tells lowbrow ribald jokes, he makes lewd and obvious comments about the body parts and functions of every woman he meets, and he has a regional accent which is almost impenetrable at first listen. Invariably dressed as a modern version of a court jester, Chubby wears a suit made of a colorful patchwork quilt, with the pants ending about mid-calf. He never removes an old-fashioned leather aviator's helmet, with the goggles sitting permanently on his forehead.  Occasionally he takes off his coat and shirt for humorous effect. It is not a pretty site. Sometimes guys are called chubby because they are rail-thin, or because they have rock-hard abs. Roy Brown, on the other hand, is not called "Chubby" ironically.

The Chubster is the resident local comedian of Blackpool, a resort town on the Irish Sea just north of Liverpool. For you Yanks, Blackpool can best be described as an English seaside version of Branson, Missouri. It's a small place which has been built up as an entertainment center. It's as culturally distant from London as Branson is from New York. Chubby has his own personal club there, in a set-up comparable to Yakov Smirnoff's club in Branson.

In this film, Chubby plays the part of Roy Chubby Brown, a foul-mouthed sexist pig who is so offensive to the politically correct people of the future that they decide to go back to kidnap him from the 20th century in their UFO and place him on trial for his crimes against womanhood.

The Ol' Chubster had to stretch a bit to handle this role ("what's my motivation?"), but he nailed it eventually.

The ultimate result of his big trial is that he is sentenced to be pregnant permanently until he dies. The alleged plot would only take ten minutes of screen time. The rest of the time is spent with Chubby mugging his comedy routines directly into the camera, or singing some silly and raunchy songs.


SaraStockbridge- full frontal

group shower - full frontals

"mooning" scene - three anonymous butts

locker room - one butt, one full nudity

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This is the part of the commentary where we would normally make some evaluation, but it hardly seems necessary. I think you can tell from the description and the pictures whether you'd like it or not.

If you haven't already made up your mind, this point may be the deal-maker or -breaker: the film was directed by Tony Dow. Yes, the same Tony Dow who played big brother Wally on Leave it to Beaver.

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Based on this description, this is a C-. It's not as bad as the IMDb rating indicates. Once you get used to his accent, his jokes are so outrageous that he can be quite funny. The fact that he says "fuck" and "coont" in every sentence can be irritating, but I just thought of him as Stifler grown up and living in Northwest England. A good example of the unsophisticated, raunchy, lowbrow humor of the North.

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