The Ultimate Weapon (1997) from Tuna

This is not an especially good film, and I was very irritated but the lack of topless nudity from the credited actresses. The glass is half full, not half empty, as the butt exposure in garters and butt-floss thongs is worth the price of admission.  


My colleague, Spaz, told me "Hulk Hogan vehicle. The only nudity is provided by some no-name robo-hooter strippers, butt Cynthia Preston shows some major buns in a pole dance." As usual, Spaz had it exactly right. 

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The plot, not that it matters much, has the Hulkster as a career mercenary who is double-crossed, and does in the people who did it. The bad guys are not thrilled, and threaten him, his estranged daughter (Preston as a stripper that doesn't strip), his girlfriend, and probably his gold fish. In this particular bout, the Hulkster is still a good guy, and the good guys are supposed to win by pin. 

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