L'Ultimo Capodanno (1998) from Tuna

L'Ultimo Capodanno is an Italian comedy which weaves together several stories in a luxury condo on New Years Eve, culminating in a total catastrophe at midnight.

At the start of the film, a motorcyclist has a big problem with a bus filled with a soccer team and their coach, who is also the team mascot, and is dressed as a big turkey. The bus is covered with lights, and perched on top is a 20 foot high turkey. The motorcyclist survives, and is headed to see his pot smoking buddy in the same condos.

Meanwhile, the soccer team meets up with a former team member who is now a gigolo to an aging countess. The countess is throwing a big party at, you guessed it, the same condos. The soccer team crashes the party.


The main reason to watch this, and also why many of you will need to buy it if it is ever released in your country:

Monica Bellucci comes home, starts to listen to answering machine messages, and undresses at the same time. She removes her bra, replaces it with a red one, then takes off her panties about the time the answering machine is playing back clear evidence that her husband has been doing the nasty with her best friend. She then storms around the apartment for about 10 minutes showing her bush and venting her anger.

The pot smoking kid is planning on setting off two sticks of dynamite at midnight, Monica Bellucci swears revenge on her unfaithful husband and her best friend, a family man gets the headlights needed to finish his classic car restoration, a businessman is in a S&M outfit being humiliated by a dominatrix for hire, three Mafia men are after him, his neighbor woman has decided to commit suicide because her husband is jailed in some exotic country, etc. The whole bunch are heading straight to the big climax at midnight.

no region 1 DVD

This is a case where the film might have been better if I spoke Italian, because the dialogue might have been clever, which is not easy to translate in subtitles. I did find some genuine laughs. There is no way I could get mad at a film that has Bellucci naked for so long at the start.

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Based on this description, this is a C- as a film, but is a major release from the standpoint of celebrity nudity.

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