Undead or Alive


by Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Sometimes it is difficult for us to identify the audience for a particular film, but in this case it is quite simple. This is your kind of film if you wish the networks would bring back F Troop, and your mouth waters when you think of a big screen version made today so the producers could add comical sex and gore and zombies.

There you go. It's your basic cowboy-and-indian-and-zombie slapstick comedy.

Sean of the Dead seems to have spurred a new trend for zombie comedies. I recently saw one called Fido, which is quite good and quite professionally assembled, albeit only sporadically funny. Then I saw this, which really scrapes the bottom of the zombie barrel. Imagine an episode of F Troop or Gilligan's Island or Dusty's Trail, mentally add some wacky zombies, ramp it up to an R for comical gore and nudity, and you'll have it pegged perfectly. It looks like the director may even have used some of the old F Troop sets and costumes. Chris Kattan takes on the Larry Storch / Bob Denver role as the dumb but lovable guy who fucks up constantly, and James Denton takes on the Alan Hale / Forrest Tucker role as the easy-going leader who tolerates his dumber companion for reasons combining compassion, inertia, and amusement. Denton doesn't call Kattan "little buddy," but he comes close with "kid" (Kattan is 37 years old).

The only real positive I can cite is that Denton mercifully refrains from ever hitting Kattan over the head with his hat.

Well, I suppose the surprise ending of the film is actually pretty cool and completely unexpected, but there's just no reason to watch the movie because of that

 ... unless you're a HUGE F Troop fan.


Our Grade:

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  • Chris Kattan and James Denton show their butts.

  • An unknown actress, playing a zombie saloon girl, shows one breast.


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3.8 IMDB summary (of 10)




Special Features: Director's Commentary Interviews with Chris Kattan and James Denton

Widescreen anamorphic 2.35:1