Ung Flukt


by Tuna

Ung Flukt (1959), or "The Wayward Girl" was Liv Ullmann's first starring role. She plays Gert, the fatherless daughter of a traveling door-to-door saleswoman. Lacking parental supervision, Gert is running with a wild bunch. Atle Merton is a college-bound young man from a good home, but he loves her. His mother doesn't approve, and his father backs his mother to a point. As the film opens, the young man is taking Gert to a remote country location to try and save her from her friends and herself. When his father and her mother arrive days later, it looks like the party is over, but the parents end up leaving them there. Then, a stranger arrives, and Gert seems interested in him, causing her young man to be jealous. When the stranger robs a store, things get really tense.

I found it a lovely coming-of-age film with a credible "feel good" ending which doesn't promise happiness ever after, but at least opens the possibility. People who demand plot-driven films with pace, or who hate subtitles, will not be won over, but I give it a very enthusiastic thumb up, and will watch it again and again.




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  • Breasts from Liv Ullman.
  • There is another cut of this film in which Liv also shows her bum, but that cannot be seen on this DVD. Atle Merton shows his bum in the same scene.


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6.6 IMDB summary (of 10)


* Norwegian Region 2 PAL. It is in the original Norwegian with optional English subtitles, and features one of the best transfers of a B&W film I have ever seen.