Unholy Matrimony

 (1966 - B&W)

by Tuna

Unholy Matrimony (1966) is an East Coast exploitation film from a studio that seemingly only produced two films.

A magazine editor is beaten because he is looking into a scam involving swingers' magazines and blackmail. Rather than scaring him off, the assault just pisses him off, but he has the good sense to delegate the assignment so an employee can stick his neck out, along with the employee's girlfriend.

They have some Polaroids taken and start answering ads. Their first meeting is a near disaster, when the other man tries to force sex. Our hero takes a few days off and convinces the girl to continue. The two of them quickly discover that the couples provide all the material a blackmailer needs in the process of meeting other couples.

They finally encounter someone who is being blackmailed, and a detective finds out where the blackmailer is delivering the money.


Our Grade:

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If you believe early sexploitation has merit, then this one should please you. The plot and acting are far better than the norm, it is not nearly as mean spirited as the typical East Coast film, and there is plenty of nudity given the year.



There are no credits. Thankfully, the cast includes several East Coast T&A regulars. We have breasts and buns from Sharon Kent as a topless model at the photographers and Ute Erikson, as the wife of a rich Texan who slips our reporter acid

There are breasts from Monica Davis as the wife of the would-be rapist.

Several unknowns, including the female lead, also show body parts.


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* Double feature with My Third Wife George