The Unsaid (2001) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

The hallmark of the new millennium: copying Edward Norton's performances from the previous millennium.
  • In The Believer, Ryan Gosling did a great impersonation of Norton in American History X.
  • In The Unsaid, Vicent Kartheiser does a great impersonation of Norton in Primal Fear.


Sarah Deakins is topless in several flashbacks, as Kartheiser's mother in the traumatic childhood incident.

Kartheiser plays a mental patient who may or may not be released into general society in a few weeks. He seems completely healthy and well adjusted. In fact, he already has the freedom to leave the mental health facility on a limited basis, but the resident shrink knows that as a young boy her patient experienced trauma when his father killed his mother, and the psychiatrist feels that the boy has never really dealt with this in a healthy way. The local shrink calls in an expert psychiatrist (Andy Garcia) whose judgment of Kartheiser will be critical to the release decision.

The kid researches his new shrink's own hot buttons, and then uses them to manipulate Garcia's decision. It seems that Garcia recently lost his own son to suicide, and Kartheiser uses the shrink's grief and guilt to offer himself up to Garcia as a substitute son. Like Edward Norton's character in Primal Fear, the patient seems as innocent as an altar boy, but his manipulations reveal that he may be hiding and/or repressing rage at great depths within his subconscious.

It plays out as a psychodrama in which Garcia must dig deeper and deeper into the facts of the father/mother incident in order to get beyond Kartheiser's facade. The investigation of the mother/father incident ends with a secret which is the key to Kartheiser's personality. While the secret is not difficult to guess, and some of the aspects of Kartheiser's personality could have been keep hidden longer to manage the suspense better, the childhood secret adds an extra layer of mystery to a complex plot which includes several sublayers:

  • It turns out that Garcia also has a facade of his own to strip away, related to the death of his own son.
  • At the same time he is working on the evaluation, Garcia must protect his own friends and family from someone who may be a brilliant, murderous young man pretending to be cured, because the patient knows that Garcia's recommendation is crucial, and the possibility of a negative verdict could trigger a rage reaction from the young man.

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This film is not without merit.

Garcia and Kartheiser do a great job in the leads, and the story is not bad at all. Although the film was never released theatrically in the United States, the acting alone lifts it a cut above the usual level of straight-to-video offerings and that, combined with a decent psychological mystery and a beautiful widescreen transfer, make it a pretty solid rental if you have a taste for a film that takes itself and everything in life very seriously.

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