Valentina's Tango


by Tuna

Valentina dances a solitary tango behind a sheet on the clothesline. Then a man, Eduardo, joins her. Cut to the afterglow. We learn three things: (1) just dancing the tango is enough to make her climax; (2) they had wild sex; (3) her grandmother caught them and forced them to marry. On their wedding night, she wore him out.

The story moves to the present, in which they own a dinner club where they are the featured performers. They have two grown sons. One has aspirations of being a priest, the other is a gangster in training. The gangster's boss wants the club, and promises the young man a "boss" position if he can get his father to sell. Then things get complicated: the two brothers are hot for the same woman; dad is shot and relegated to a wheelchair; mom goes off the deep end.

The atmosphere is lovely, the tangos are sensuous, and the entire film is erotic, so I enjoyed moments very much, but  I was glad to see the final credits rolling because the plot gets very muddled and far-fetched in the last act, and I'm still not sure how the film ends because dead people figure prominently in the final scenes.


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  • Guillermina Quiroga, as Valentina, not only dances beautifully, but shows her breasts in two scenes.
  • Dianna Miranda, as the love interest for both brothers, shows breasts and buns.


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5.6 IMDB summary (of 10)


* widescreen anamorphic, 16:9