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Vampirella (1996 video) Is a comic book film that shows the origins of vampires. Seems the entire earth cult was started by a renegade prison and his gang from Vampiros. They were deviants, who bit people and sucked their blood, whereas normal residents of the planet drank the blood that flowed in natural rivers there. They killed the leader when they escaped, and his daughter, Ella, followed, but crashed on Mars, where she was stuck for centuries. A space shuttle mission rescued her, and brought her to Earth. Meanwhile, Vlad and his gang had suffered mutation on their voyage, and became allergic to light, wooden stakes, and religious relics and icons, and their bite no longer killed people, it turned them into vampires.

Meanwhile. there is a group of mercenaries who are battling the international vampire brotherhood, led by Richard Joseph Paul. Ella, played by Talisa Soto, is dubbed Vampirella, and teams with Paul to fight Vlad (Roger Daltrey) and his group, who are planning global domination.


Soto wears a red vinyl superhero suite that only covers the essentials. Two female vampires show breasts, HEFer of the Month August 1991 Corinna Harney and Peggy Trentini.
Most of the IMDB comments are hyper-critical, and I have to face the fact that I am no judge of comic book bad movies. As you recall, I was the only living human who was entertained by Supergirl, and I was also entertained by this one. Sure, it was low budget. Sure, it was over the top. Of course the film was full of holes. That is part of the fun of a true B movie.

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