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The Vampire's Seduction (1998) was Seduction Cinema's 3rd film, and their first real money maker. It was made for about $3,000, and the outdoor shots were shot in the back yard of somebody's home. The exceptional financial success of this film actually determined the direction the company would go in -- lesbian soft core -- and gave them the capital to become a real company. This strategy wasn't the result of long deliberation and complex marketing consultations. There was an offhand suggestion, "let's make some lesbian vampire films." It worked.

Seduction Cinema's later film, The Sexy Adventures of Van Helsing, was a remake of this film.


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  • This was the first of two Seduction Cinema movies about Van Helsing. Both versions are on the DVD.

  • Vampire's Seduction is lame, but the entire DVD package is one of the better releases to date, as this is on the same disk with Sexy Adventures of Van Helsing, the remake, which is a good spoof and excellent erotica.

  • There's also some behind the scenes documentary, deleted scenes, and commentary. The best part is the commentary from producer Michael Rasso, who is also the president of EI Independent Cinema, the parent company of Seduction Cinema. He gave a very candid view of the film, and a real insight into making and distributing independent films.

In this original version, Van Helsing is a lame guy. Dracoola tasks him with bringing her lesbians. He spends a lot of time looking through windows, then poisons Dracoola with garlic. Dracoola was played by Tina Krause, who was in line to be the main star at Seduction Cinema. When she decided to stop doing T & A, Misty Mundae had turned 18, and stepped up to fill the position. When this was filmed, Misty was only 17, and could not appear in it. Her older sister, Chelsea, does appear in the oddest of the three peeping scenes. Chelsea is the authority figure at a slumber party with two girls credited as Jenna and Janie, and manages to turn it into a lesbian three way. We also see Kiki Michaels undress, shower, and rub lotion all over herself, and Paige Turner as a shrink, and Dawn Monacco as her insecure patient doing a little nude touching therapy first with her shrink, then with a pizza delivery guy.

All of the women show breasts and buns. The production quality is not at all good, Lighting was often dismal.

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