Vampire Strangler


by Tuna

Vampire Strangler (1999) is known, and will probably always be known, as the film where Misty Mundae gives a guy a blow job. It was made when she was 20, and was not released when originally completed because Misty had become a star by then, and AI Independent Cinema was getting distribution in large video outlets. They felt this material would jeopardize that, so this film was released only in a severely edited version. Then AI acquired complete rights, and released the "extra naughty edition" with the X-rated material in the extra features. They only pressed 1,000 copies, and when they discovered used copies of the VHS and DVD selling for hugely inflated prices, they decided to re-master and re-edit the film. The new version represents the first time that the previously cut scenes have been edited back into the feature.

The DVD box describes a reasonable film.

"Lydia (Misty Mundae) has just arrived from her native Romania, and she moves in to the home of her cousin Billy. Bursting with virginal beauty, Lydia is endowed with a luscious body and an inviting mouth that beg to be ravished. It's not long before Lydia succumbs to Billy's sexual advances and her own surging desires. The erotic abilities she possesses are astonishing to behold as she works her eager, straining young body to the breaking point. But while the two of them are in the throes of wild fornication, a deviant voodoo shaman mysteriously appears and utters an evil incantation. The curse transforms Billy into a vampire, and he immediately unleashes his unearthly bloodlust and super-sexual hunger-savagely having his way with Lydia-with her screaming for more. Billy's attack turns Lydia into an insatiable vampire, and it will be her delectable fate to stalk and seduce young female victims to fulfill her deepest, bloodiest, wettest fantasies."

Complete Spoilers Ahead

Now, here is what really happens. Misty strips and gets into a bathtub. Someone starts strangling her. She flops like a fish out of water for about 10 minutes, then the strangler vanishes. Next, she is laying in bed, and the strangler reappears. We get another 10 minutes of her flopping like a fish, then we cut to her calling her cousin and announcing a visit. They roller skate, then go back to his apartment for sex. After he eats her, she blows him, and they screw a little, the shaman who has been dancing in their front yard knocks on the door and hits them up for a donation for his church. When they donate, he gives them a voodoo doll as a reward. The brilliant cousin sticks a needle into the neck of the voodoo doll, turning himself into a vampire, and then bites Misty. That is the entire film, other than the previously deleted scenes, which are basically more sex, and are now cut back into the feature.

End Spoilers

The film looks as if it was shot on a consumer grade VHS camcorder. The entire cast and crew consisted of Misty, her real-life boyfriend (William Hellfire), and a shaman/strangler/camera man.  Mundae sports a tattoo on her shoulder, and a nose stud. (Tattoo removal was a job benefit when she broke up with Mr. Hellfire and became a contract player for Independent Cinema.) Vampire Strangler seems to create credibility issues about Erin "Misty Mundae" Brown's recent announcement that she had not realized she was a porn star.

I am sure she wishes she had not made this one.


This comprehensive new 2-disc set includes some other Misty shorts, a deleted scene, trailers, and a large booklet about the film's history.





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  • It's hardcore porn. Misty Mundae shows the full monty.




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BUT - if you feel a need to see Misty Mundae with her mouth completely full, this is the film.