The Van (1977) from Tuna

The Van (1977) is a titty flick about a High School senior who has saved enough working in a car wash to buy a customized Chevy van. 
Other than the fresh young (and not so fresh) exposure, the most interesting thing about this film is a performance by a young Danny DeVito, with hair, as the car wash owner/bookie.  

Our hero hopes owning the tricked out van will be the key to sex and happiness but, of course, life has surprises for him. 


Many breasts on display, but no well-known names. Note the main commentary

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  • no widescreen, no features 

The best exposure is from Connie Lisa Marie, who plays the girlfriend of the meanest of the van owners. Her only other work was in a couple of Starsky and Hutch episodes. Marcie Barkin shows breasts and buns, as does Cherise Wilson, and two unknowns.

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  • Maltin 1.5/4

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Based on this description, this film is a full C. This is exactly what the genre "titty flick" was. Young breasts, lame plot, poor script, and mostly bad acting. It is an excellent example of the genre, and it is a genre I miss.

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