Vengeance of the Zombies


by Tuna

Written by the prolific horror veteran Paul Naschy, and starring him in multiple roles as usual,  Vengeance of the Zombies is about ... (wait for it) ...  zombies realizing vengeance.

I think.

Famous half-naked women are turned into zombies by evil voodoo rituals and made to kill their own family members, all of whom have some connection to India. We see the story through the eyes of Rommy, who is fascinated by a mystic named Krishna (Paul Naschy), despite the fact that his brother (also Paul Naschy) has horrible burn scars and is not very nice. She goes to visit them in the country, where the final act of revenge and deification of the leader is to take place. Scotland Yard is cold on the trail, as is Rommy's professor/author boyfriend.

Naschy wrote and starred in seven other films in 1973 alone. In his spare time that year he acted in three more films written by others. As you can imagine, it is difficult to create great scripts when churning out one per month. I found this story is far less than brilliant. The acting doesn't help, and is especially bad in action scenes. The film does include some blood-drinking and bondage for those that enjoy that sort of thing, but I found little or nothing to like.


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  • Mirta Miller, as Paul Naschy's girl friend and assistant, shows breasts.
  • Aurora de Alba, as a victim, shows breasts.


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